VoIP Features
Features that elevate team and customer interactions

Call Recording

Have your call recordings sent to email addresses of your choice once the inbound or outbound

Hold Music

Allow your inbound calls the option to listen to music when they are waiting in queues or placed on hold.

Caller ID Routing

Route inbound calls to specific destinations based on their caller ID. As an example, send calls to the USA from the UK.

Voice Mail

Configure your company or personal voicemail to be sent to email or be played back on your handsets

Black List

Add your problem callers to a blacklist that will automatically terminate inbound calls. 

Fax To Email

Answer inbound fax calls and convert to a PDF and send to an email address of your choice.

Call Diversion

Divert calls to external numbers of your choice. Most commonly used to divert to mobile numbers

Simultaneous Ring

Enable simultaneous ringing from your users to multiple endpoints, SIP devices, Microsoft Teams


When you are unable to pick up a call immediately, the call can be placed in a queue with a estimated waiting time or playback message.

Call Pickup Groups

This feature will allow you to configure a group of devices that can pick up inbound calls from


Extract simple and advanced calling metrics for your team and company.

Ring Group

Enable simultaneous ringing from your users to multiple endpoints, SIP devices, Microsoft Teams

MS 365 - Teams Intregation

Allow your Microsoft Teams user the ability to make and receive calls using Direct Routing

Global Phone Book

Centralised management of phone book directories. Create global and/or personal phone books

Secure Voice

Enable an extra layer of security to your VoIP calls with SRTP. Your voice will be encrypted

Real Time Call Monitoring

Call monitoring allows you to listen and discreetly speak to your agents in a real-time call.

Call Queue Wallboard

A call queue wallboard enables you to monitor the status of your call queues in real time.

Queue Call Back

Unlike call queue – this feature allows callers to be added to the list with each caller automatically being called back if they are disconnected.

User Portal

Personal portal for a user in the PBX. Integration with a webphone, call history, phonebooks, queue calls all within the online or smartphone application.


REST API is designed for integration with various third-party software packages like CRMs, Ticketing and Zendesk.