The Ultimate Guide to UK 0808 Numbers

The ‘0808‘ number is a UK freephone service introduced in 1997 to increase the number of freephone options. Freephone numbers can be called for free on mobile and landline phones, similar to 0800 numbers which are also national non-geographic numbers. Companies and organizations such as government services and customer service providers use 0808 numbers.


0808 numbers are legally established and commonly used by reputable businesses, charities, and organizations. The cost per minute charges are excluded making it a safe option. However, some phone companies still charge customers for calls, and the company must pay for all charges, which can be costly. In the future, this may not be as big of a problem.


Platinum: Price On Application
Gold: £99.00
Silver: £49.00
Bronze: Free
Service Charge: £9.97 p/month
Free Minutes: 5000*
Call Charges: 3p p/minute
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Number Price Service Charge Free Minutes* Action
08082220013 £0.00 £9.97 5000 Buy
08082220014 £0.00 £9.97 5000 Buy
08082220015 £0.00 £9.97 5000 Buy
08082220016 £0.00 £9.97 5000 Buy
08082220018 £0.00 £9.97 5000 Buy
08082220019 £0.00 £9.97 5000 Buy
08082220021 £0.00 £9.97 5000 Buy
08082220023 £0.00 £9.97 5000 Buy
08082220024 £0.00 £9.97 5000 Buy
08082220025 £0.00 £9.97 5000 Buy

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Calls to 0808 or 0800 numbers are free to call from both landline telephone and also mobile phones. The caller pays nothing at all to make an inquiry whether it is from a telephone box or a no minute plan sim deal – this is why 0808 numbers and freephone numbers are so popular among businesses. Freephone numbers and 0808 numbers will regularly be seen across different media as part of promotional campaigns, TV, radio, online and print. These numbers will be extensively used throughout each.

0800 and 0808 numbers was launched in the UK in 1997. It’s a freephone number that is not connected to the main telecoms network, meaning it is only ever used by legitimate and authorised companies and organisations.

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What the difference between 0800 and 0808?

0808 Numbers and 0800 numbers and no functional difference. Both are free to call and operate the same. With the popularity of 0800 numbers supply soon ran out and so Ofcom allocated 0808 numbers to create more supply. Some companies prefer 0800 numbers as customers are more familiar with them. However 0808 numbers have all the same perks and are often more affordable for you.

Why Choose an 0808 Number?

Benefits of using an 0808 number include longer call times as customers do not have to worry about expensive per-minute charges. This leads to more positive customer experiences and a better reputation for the company. The widespread recognition of 0808 as a freephone number also encourages more calls. These numbers are of value because they are free to call. As the receiver pays for the call customers are more likely to stay on the phone for longer and thus are more likely to buy products. It has been recorded that freephone numbers can increase your incoming calls by two-thirds.

Are 0808 Numbers tied to a specific location?

0808 Numbers do not have a specific location. They were specifically designed for national use. Systems are often set up so that when someone rings an 0808 Number multiple phones up and down the country go off.

Is an 0808 number better than an 0800?

There is no functional difference between the two. Some might think that an 0800 number is more prestigious however an 0808 number gives a chance for many memorable phone numbers that you could not get with an 0808. They are slightly more affordable than an 0800 number and there are many more available. You could be growing your business with a freephone number. An advantage of an 0808 number is that it gives new opportunities for memorable combinations for of numbers.


Are 0808 Numbers free?

If calling from the UK yes they are free (no call rate charge or connection fee). Since 2013 Ofcom introduced free calls to freephone numbers from mobile as well as landlines. You can however be charged for a call to a freephone number if you are dialing from a foreign country. The receiver pays for the call rather than the sender.

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