alphaTALK The Reliable Telecom Provider For 20 Years

If you need a local number or an International phone number, Alphatalk is here to make the process easy for you.  Alphatalk has been helping businesses with their telephone needs for over 20 years. We offer VoIP telephone services including virtual phone numbers and agent services, voice mailboxes and voicemail systems. Making sure every business has a telephone system that is secured and advancing in a way that  telephone calls will not be missed any more. Outdated telephone systems has lost its value and upgrade to a more easier and cheaper way to communicate is a step towards prosperity.

Our Standard
PBX System

Our services

Alphatalk VoIP service offers many highly advanced, next generation calling, video, texting and conferencing features. Saving you time and business expenses.

Including the elimination of installation, operation and maintenance costs of a regular PBX as we host your PBX for you. Lifetime speedy support guranteed.

We offer a range of different types of phone numbers for companies. This can range from Local City to International numbers that can be routed to many phone systems at the same time.

Our Virtual Office Packages in Birmingham and London are priced at £45 per month (Plus VAT) with a professional business address, mail handling & forwarding and more beneficial features.