0191 Newcastle Numbers

alphaTALK can provide almost any UK City telephone number. You can divert these numbers to any landline or mobile of your choice. These are virtual numbers that give your business a local presence. Get yourself up and running with a wide selection of 0191 Newcastle Virtual Numbers UK available to buy from alphaTALK

A local number can help you grow your business in your area. alphaTALK has a wide selection of memorable phone numbers that can make you stand out. Use of a memorable number has been shown to increase calls by over 50%.

Newcastle is the centre of the Tyne and Wear metropolitan area. Birthplace of Greggs and home to the only 24hr one in the country. A city steeped in history and innovation. We would be remiss to remind you of the Gateshead Millennium bridge, maybe the most impressive bridge in the world when in action.


Number Categories


Platinum: Price On Application
Gold: £99.00
Silver: £49.00
Bronze: Free

S Charge: £9.97 p/month
Free Minutes: 5000
Call Charges: 3p p/minute



Newcastle Virtual Numbers UK

Does My 0191 Number have to go to a landline?

No, we can divert your number to either a landline or a mobile phone. Just bear in mind that if it goes to a mobile people will be charged slightly more to contact you.

Do I have to be in Newcastle for an 0191 Number?

No, you can be anywhere for us to divert an 0191 Number to you. While it might not be the best idea to be putting an 0191 number to your phone if you are across the planet we could still do this. We recommend it for people for are in the surrounding areas such as Sunderland or Middlesborough who wish to gain business in Newcastle.


What’s are the advantages of an 0191 number?

An 0191 Newcastle Virtual Numbers UK is always trusted more by Newcastle residents. It an already memorable phone code and when placed with an memorable extension can result in much more business coming your way.

Why choose an 0191 Number from alphaTALK?

We have one of the largest collections of 0191 numbers and some of the very best. Have a look at extremely memorable numbers that can help gain you business. We have been doing this for over 20 years, we think we know what we’re doing.


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