Benefits of VoIP

At alphaTALK, we offer a very reliable VoIP service. The advantages of a VoIP phone system are outstanding for growing a small business, but it can also be beneficial any business or startup.

VoIP stands for Voice Over Internet Protocol and is the new digital way to engage in telephonic conversations; it is now known that eventually VoIP will replace traditional landlines in the near future. In fact, BT has announced a target date of 2025 for completing the migration of all ISDN and PSTN customers to IP (VoIP).

Here are some benefits:

It’s money saving
Many start up businesses choose VoIP because it is incredibly money saving and can reduce call costs by up to 70%. Setting up a VoIP system doesn’t require any additional set up costs which of course, to any business is a huge advantage.
Makes you AND your business more flexible
If you need to continue to make calls but you are away from the office, VoIP systems allow you to do this via call forwarding, by doing so you can forward a call to another number such as a landline or mobile. This ensures that you never miss a call; there’s the option to put opening hours filters on the line so calls with then go straight to voicemail during these set times.

Has more functionality and automatic upgrades
With a wide range of features such as call hunt groups, conference calls and call routing this can be a major boost to the way you do business. You can simply activate the features you need and disable the ones that you don’t wish to use.

Business continuity
A VoIP system ensures that your business will carry on as normal, even in certain conditions. As there is no physical control box for your phone system, customers can still simply connect the phones to any standard broadband connection (router), so business can continue as normal.

Not only does VoIP add professionalism to a company but the smart features for one of these systems ensures that businesses are better connected to their customers and they never miss important information no matter where they are located. Overall, providing a solid and trustworthy experience for any business and business customers.

If you’ve got any questions about VoIP, the staff here at alphaTALK would love to hear from you. You can get in touch by emailing or calling us on 0800 093 2193. Alternatively, connect with us on Facebook or Twitter.

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