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Experience the Full Power of Alpha Talk Systems

Free Yealink T19 Handset
Free unlimited calls to landlines and mobiles
All standard features included
£9.99 (plus VAT) per month only
12-month contract only.

alphaTALK are pleased to offer a simple, low-cost solution to add telephone lines to your business.

alphaTALK have more than 20 years experience in supporting businesses with their hosted online systems, such as cloud PBX and telephone needs.  When you order a business phone system from us you can be assured that we will be there to support you, and can bring our expertise and experience to bear in helping you find the perfect solution for your business.  Our Hosted PBX service will revolutionize your business communications – you won’t believe how easy it is to manage your telephone service.

Our flexible and cost-effective Hosted PBX service allows you to add phones to your business and take advantage of a wealth of business-class features.  The alphaTALK Hosted PBX service is designed with ease-of-use and flexibility in mind.  The hosted PBX service is managed through our online portal and unlike most other VoIP Hosted System, you can manage it yourself – from adding new extensions to configuring call queues, announcements, and even IVR menu systems!

For just £9.99 per user per month, you can add an alphaTALK CloudPBX service to your business.  This includes a free Yealink T19P handset (with lifetime warranty), free unlimited calls to UK landlines, mobiles and 03 numbers, a free memorable UK telephone number, and free voicemail and other business-class features.  No other Business Phone System offers so much for such a small investment.  There’s no installation cost and the phone can be with you, ready to plug in, in 2-3 business days.

Hosted PBX

Our own VoIP Phone System software is delivered as a hosted PBX service by us. Choose from two packages and have access to several call features. Such as call recording, call forwarding, call queuing and many more.


Along with fast delivery, we have several handsets available for purchase. Including YEALINK T46GN, YEALINK T21PN, YEALINK W56P and many more!

Virtual Office

You can rent fully equipped virtual office space with us. Locations that we have available include London (£35) and Birmingham (£45).

Freephone Numbers

We provide high quality 0800 and 0808 business numbers that ensure reliability and maintain a high level of professionalism for any company.

London Numbers

We can provide very flexible indoor numbers for London based users. Our number range includes 0203, 0207 and 0208 numbers.

International Numbers

Give your business an international reach and get connected to different countries from all around the globe and maintain a unique identity.

We hold one of the largest range of memorable numbers in the UK including 0800, Freephone, Virtual Number, 0207 and more


alphaTALK’s partner program provides you with a reliable and flexible service. Our program allows you to offer our own VoIP services to your new or existing customers. VoIP is already a well-established product within the telecommunication industry. So becoming a VoIP re-seller is now easier than ever! With full support also provided by us, we can help supply you and your business an opportunity to grow and achieve its potential goals.

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