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Key Features of
Alphatalk Hosted PBX

  • Hosted PBX service
  • No more engaged tone
  • No more unanswered calls
  • No more sales paperwork
  • No idea on how many calls received
  • Receive Multiple calls
  • Divert Calls to Voicemail
  • Call Monitoring
  • Record all your sales calls
  • Full statistics provided for all calls
  • Role-based access control
  • Hot desking



Increased availability
Reduced cost
No limitations
Saves you money!


Several types of handset available to your customers such as YEALINK T46GN, YEALINK T21PN E2 ENTRY-LEVEL IP PHONE.

Freephone Numbers

alphaTALK provides 0800 & 0300 business numbers available to increase your customer’s confidence, ensuring reliability and maintaining a high level of professionalism for your company.


National Numbers

alphaTALK provides various flexible numbers for area wise usage.


London Numbers

alphaTALK provides various flexible indoor numbers in London users.


Local Numbers

Huge amount of numbers available to provide reliable service to save valuable time of your customer’s.


International Numbers

Widely connected to different countries with a unique identity.


Virtual Office

For only £45 a month you can rent fully equipped virtual office space. Locations available include London and Birmingham.

Pricing and call charges for our Hosted VoIP service
Call us on 0207 177 5000


Reasons to choose alphaTALK

UK-based customer support
Honest competitive pricing
Friendly quality service
Comprehensive reliable solutions
Dedicated account managers

Compatible with and powered by


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