A new start-up business

Sarah was starting her new business and needed to equip her office with a small but feature-packed phone system. She would be going into the business with a partner and would also be employing a receptionist to answer calls and also to provide administrative assistance. Sarah required at least three handsets to begin with and wanted scope to be able to add additional handsets in the future. Sarah also anticipated receiving and making many calls, wanting a value for money package that enabled lower cost calls to both UK landline and UK mobile phone numbers.

Her options were limited:

Rent three simple phone lines from BT with no interconnectivity between phones Rent a single ISDN line from BT and also purchase an expensive ISDN PBX control unit which would provide interconnectivity between her phones.”

We presented a third solution to Sarah that would give her the connectivity between her phones that she needed but also at a price that wasn’t prohibitive for a newly founded business.

Our alphaTALK VOIP solution consisted of (all prices are ex VAT):

1 x new BT phone line for ADSL broadband

3 x Yealink mid-range VOIP desk phones


3 x VOIP user licences

at£5.00/ month

Our VOIP service provides full interconnectivity between phones with features such as call transfers, call recording and having all phones ring at once. The phones also feature the ability to forward all calls to a mobile phone or alternative phone number, all from the VOIP handset itself. All three phones can also be dependent on each other, making and receiving calls from their own DDIs without any interference because VOIP utilises a broadband connection for telephone calls. Sarah is now able to bypass BT’s traditional network and rely on it only for ADSL broadband which the office required anyway. Sarah’s VOIP phones plug straight into her ADSL router with the option to add further VOIP handsets as and when required