0207 London Area Code Numbers

Our London 020 area code numbers are a great alternative to the highly sought 0203 numbers. 0207 numbers are now widely distributed for new connections, due mainly to a shortage of London-based telephone numbers as the city continues to grow rapidly.

alphaTALK has many Business Phone Numbers, ranging from 0203 to 0207, with tailored plans suited to your needs. Our numbers are available for purchase and immediate connection.

020 numbers are a great way of reaching new customers with low calling rates across the United Kingdom.

Easy Installation, No hardware is required as all calls can be diverted to any handset or cell/mobile phone in the world

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Number Price Service Charge Free Minutes* Action
02071770086 £0.00 £9.97 5000 Buy
02071770089 £0.00 £9.97 5000 Buy
02071770091 £0.00 £9.97 5000 Buy
02071770092 £0.00 £9.97 5000 Buy
02071770093 £0.00 £9.97 5000 Buy
02071770094 £0.00 £9.97 5000 Buy
02071770095 £0.00 £9.97 5000 Buy
02071770096 £0.00 £9.97 5000 Buy
02071770097 £0.00 £9.97 5000 Buy
02071770098 £0.00 £9.97 5000 Buy

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My business is outside of London – can I still use a London 0207 number?

Of course. Despite London 0207 numbers being geographical numbers, they can also be utilized outside of the city. A London 0207 number is one of the most recognizable city numbers in the UK. Whilst 0208 numbers and 0203 numbers are also available, for many, a 0207 number is the true London telephone number.

Here at alphaTALK, we’re one the few UK operators that has stock of London 0207 numbers available for immediate connection. With 5,000 inclusive diversion minutes included each month, and just 2p per minute thereafter, a London 0207 number from alphaTALK offers fantastic value for money.

How will my business benefit from a London 0207 number?

It’s no secret that London is an expensive city to operate in. Unfortunately, it’s also no secret that many in London wish to only deal with London-based businesses. Potential customers will quickly use your telephone number to determine if you’re based in London or not.

Perhaps you’re a web design agency from outside of London? Or you’re a law firm from the Midlands? Many businesses are willing to travel to London to meet with clients, but it’s often difficult to gain the initial inquiry if your business isn’t physically based in London. A 0207 number takes care of that – the caller gets the impression that you are London-based and you receive that valuable initial inquiry for conversion. We do this, our 0207 177 5000 number has generated a lot of business that we may not have got otherwise.

With such a dense population in London, there is no shortage of business to be had from the nation’s capital – a London 0207 number will open up a new market for you and your business.

How does a London 0207 number work?

A London 0207 number from alphaTALK is just like any other of our virtual phone numbers, such as 0800 numbers, or 0345 numbers.

The 0207 number you choose sits on top of a target phone number that you instruct us to divert calls to. This target phone number can be a fixed line telephone in your office or your mobile phone – you can even alternate between the two based on particular times of the day, or even have both rings at the same time.

Should you ever move to new premises, you and your business can also avoid potential disruption by simply diverting all calls from your 0207 number to whichever number you choose. All calls will continue to come in as before with 100% business continuity.

How much does it cost to call a London 0207 number?

Calling rates to a London number costs just the same as any other UK geographic number, such as 0121, 0161 or 0113. Most mobile phones and fixed line telephones now come with inclusive minutes, so calling a london number will have no additional cost.

Are London 0207 Good for my business?

Yes. We are one of only a few providers that still has a large stock of these numbers and they are available for immediate connection.


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