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We guarantee high-quality VoIP connection all over the world. Our customer support is quick and user-friendly. Individual approach to the needs of clients to meet all their requirements for comfortable leisure is our main rule.

No matter the time or hour if you have any technical difficulties, our fully trained engineers are always on stand by!


AlphaTALK has been providing businesses with virtual phone numbers for many years now, not also do we provide VoIP phone systems and  it’s the case that we also have 

numerous Virtual UK phone numbers productions for areas such as :

  • London
  • Birmingham
  • Manchester
  • Scotland
  • Wales
  • Liverpool
  • Leeds

Also, our International numbers in the UK are now available with alphaTALK

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we will help you to choose from the assortment of packages developed to suit different needs. For more information contact us.

Call Diversion

Divert all calls to a mobile free of charge with all of our services.

Handsets ready for connection

Handsets with all features ready for connection or split the costs with a rental.

We make tailored plans for all
types of business and budgets

No matter how your business is running, whether it is slow or fast paced; alphaTALK can definitely increase your productivity and mostly help reduce COSTS. 

We have a firm belief that technology is vastly changing the ways of how businesses are run now, we want to ensure the best experience with our services so we are able to work with all types of businesses to create a bespoke plan.