Working from Home During Covid With alphaTALK

During the COVID-19 Panic people are having to work from home in order to save lives. This can lead to a series of issues that can be easily overcome when working with the alphaTALK system. We believe in great flexibility and were geared to work in such an environment even before this all began.

The COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic has resulted in many people working from home. So you might be wondering – how do I remain productive at home?
Remote work has been on the rise for years in many companies. Some offer remote work as a benefit to employees for better work-life balance.

And today, millions of people around the world have recently started working from home because of the COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak.

Switching our system so that you can work from home is as simple as flicking a switch. We have a couple of options for how to setup your  system at home so that you can still work effectively as a team during a global pandemic.

Taking your office phone home

You could simply take your office phone back home provided you have an Ethernet port that can provide you with the internet you need for the phone to run. This phone will work in the exact same way it would at the office in your internal systems. You retain all the functionality and can make calls inside your network with ease.

This option lets you lee[ as close to normality as possible as it is what you are used to in your work environment. Call quality is maintained at a high level as the handset is the same.w

Work from a mobile app

Another option is to work from a mobile app that provides you all the same functionality that a desktop phone will give you. As it is using your phones internet as long as you have wifi it will not drain your data. This is a great alternative for people without a spare ethernet port. This is also a good option if you are not tech savy as it is as simple as downloading an app and inputing a couple of details.

We would recommend this to anyone who is been made to work from home. A great benefit is that you are not tied to a desk as you are free to walk around and not have to worry about wires.


Work from a desktop app

You could work from our state of the art desktop app. Similar to the mobile app but simmply placed upon your pc if you wish for your mobile to remain sacred. All the same advantages of not having to use ethernet, no wires and an easy etup make this a greate choice. It’s the option I use and I couldn’t be happier.


How to work from home


My biggest tip with working from home is daily routine.

Daily Routine
Be disciplined. It is important to cultivate strict routines or working hours, but also be kind to yourself. Wake up at your usual time and go through your usual routine. For me, I use the time usually spent on commuting to read or stretch my legs.

Dress properly. Do not wear pajamas. The way you dress can influence your mood and attitude, so dress in proper work attire.

Set work hours. Working from home allows for flexibility, but the start and end of your work day should be as routine as possible. Enforce a hard stop at the end of the day, and plan for personal errands after that. Setting a target end time will dictate expectations and increase productivity.

Create a good routine with short exercise breaks. I personally feel that moving and stretching my body energises the brain. The truth is, endorphins are produced when exercising, which increases happiness and interest levels.

Please everybody stay safe at this difficult time and the sooner we can move back to normality. Please call us on 0207 177 5000 or email for any details.



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