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Cut your phone bills with VOIP

  • VOIP phones are cloud-based phone systems
  • Use a broadband connection to make and receive calls
  • Save up to 50% on call costs compared to BT
  • Call mobiles for just 5p per minute
  • Assured call quality
  • Add or remove VOIP users and VOIP handsets with ease
  • A wide choice of VOIP handsets available
  • Keep your existing phone number
  • Or choose from any UK area code
  • 0800 numbers and 0845 numbers are also available
  • Free features included: Auto Attendant, Call Hunt Groups and more

VOIP Service Pricing

  • 1 to 4 VOIP phone users £7.00 each + vat
  • 6 to 15 VOIP phone users £6.00 each + vat
  • 16 or more VOIP phone users £5.00 each + vat
  • UK Call Costs Price Per Minute
  • UK 01, 02, 03 £0.01 or 1 pence
  • UK mobile 07 £0.05 or 5 pence



All prices are ex VAT

Making VOIP calls via the Internet has a number of benefits over a traditional phone system:

  • VOIP call costs are much lower than traditional services from BT
  • Start-up costs for VOIP are a much lower, with little capital outlay
  • Grow and shrink the number of VOIP users with ease

All of this is possible thanks to broadband Internet connections. Most typical broadband connections are capable of supporting up to 4 concurrent VOIP phone calls with no loss in quality. If you plan on having more than 4 VOIP phone users, you may also have to upgrade your broadband Internet connection – we will advise on this at the time of enquiry.

There are many more benefits and features to using VOIP phones, which we have presented below in our VOIP Phone FAQ

VOIP Phone Introduction

Please download our VOIP FAQ document or read our FAQ below for more information about our VOIP services.

Voice Over IP or VOIP allows callers to make phone calls via the Internet. VOIP converts and translates the voice call into digital data, which is then seamlessly sent via the Internet to the caller on the other side. The beauty of VOIP is that the receiving caller does not require a VOIP system to take the call, with any traditional landline telephone or mobile handset being compatible.

Our VOIP phone package offers simplicity and state of the art functionality that’s easy to use. Each VOIP handset is delivered straight to you with everything already configured – all you have to do is plug it in to begin taking advantage of lower call rates and advanced business features.

Benefits of an alphaTALK VOIP phone system

  • Create a complex multi user phone system with VOIP phones
  • Add additional users with VOIP
  • Downsize VOIP users easily
  • Make savings on call costs with VOIP
  • VOIP maintenance is simplified and cloud based
  • Call data can be monitored online
  • Any geographic number of your choice can be used
  • Take advantage of significantly cheaper calls

What is VOIP?

VOIP (or Voice Over Internet Protocol) is a modern way of making telephone calls, but without paying expensive call charges.

Thanks to much of the traditional routing hardware and maintenance now taken care of ‘in the cloud’, the hardware and set up costs of our VOIP phone system are much lower. Without the need for expensive ISDN connections, lower-cost broadband solutions can be utilised for further savings.
By avoiding the traditional BT network, alphaTALK is able to offer very competitive rates on calls to landlines, mobiles and international numbers. This is particularly useful for businesses that make a lot of out-bound calls, such as call centres or those with outbound sales teams.

As with many alphaTALK products, call data reports are available online or directly from us. These are useful for marketing purposes, such as reviewing how many outbound calls were made, the duration of calls and so on.

Because of the nature of the VOIP phone system, it is possible to utilise any geographic phone number of your choice, even if you are outside of the physical area. For example, you may be based in Birmingham but you wish to give the appearance that you are actually in Manchester. Callers would dial your 0161 Manchester number and any calls you make through the system would also show your 0161 number.

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