How Outdated Phone Lines are Costing your business

Are you losing out by sticking with old technology?


Telephone communication has been around since 1876 when Alexander Graham Bell got a patent for the firPhone line been cut in halfst phone. In the years since then the technology has come on leaps and bounds. Most of the phone lines that are still in use today were laid before the turn of the century. Shouldn’t it be time we all use a phone system that reflects all the advances in modern day telecommunications technology. With the advent of the lighting fast Fibre Optic broadband that most companies use nowadays you can have multiple phone lines operating over a single connection through the use of Voice over IP telephones.


The cost of setting up and installing 5 new telephone lines from a traditional landline could cost you in the range of £200-£400 with a carrier like BT. Setting up a line with a VoIP would cost half that with no setup fee. The is installation cheaper and it also comes jam packed with  additional features that you cannot get with traditional phones. These include hold music, call recording, voicemail to email, conference calling.


The other major advantage of VoIP is how easy it is to troubleshoot sometimes even before you know something is wrong. With a traditional phone line if it goes offline you have to get an engineer out to fix it and this can take nearly a week sometimes. The problem can be located and fixed remotely with a VoIP phone.

Why VoIP is cheaper

Because it is transmitting over bandwidth channels, VoIP, can make long distance calls for a much cheaper price. It is no longer dependent of the previously mentioned phone lines. The connection is started with the use of a SIP (session initiation protocol) which creates a real time session between two or more users. The benefit of this is that sending information down this route is incredibly cheap.

We offer an extensive look at the benefits of VOIP here and look or plans here.


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