The Importance of Communication in a small business

Digital communication both internally and externally has never been so important to the success of your business


Small businesses must rely upon high quality customer service in such a competitive climate. Large corporations have such large capital to invest in call centres and sales teams that small businesses must take every chance they can to compete. Studies have shown that people who favour smaller businesses tend to do so because they believe the service is more Communication is keypersonalised. This means that small businesses must have high quality communication with customers. 



How can small businesses do this without spending money that they don’t have. One of the best ways to do this is through better telecommunication services that in the modern world can be highly affordable. Voice over IP phone systems are telephones that use the internet rather than traditional phone lines to broadcast. These phones are much cheaper than the old copper phone lines and come with more advanced features. One of the major advantages is that you can have multiple phones that use the same internet connection. Gone are the days of having to install 5 separate telephone lines, one for each of your employees. A modern system can have 5 individual phones installed on one connection. All have unique numbers but can be set up to ring at the same time with a ring group when a separate number is dialled. Look at some of our case studies to see more examples. On top of this you can have hold music, call recording, conference calls and voicemail to email all at no extra cost. All of this may sound expensive but can cost as £10 per month for each user. Find out more about our hosted PBX system here. 


Smart thinking and developing personable relationships with clients is of the utmost importance to keeping their business. Here at alphaTALK we make sure we call the clients by name and have their details saved in our phones so we can answer them with a friendly greeting. Making sure that each and every client feels like a part of our family is a vital part of our business. They all know we value their business and will work hard to keep it. 


Communication is key so don’t let the competition get ahead of you. Email or ring us today on 0207177500. Find out more about VoIP.


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