Help grow your small business with the help of VoIP

VoIP for Small Business

How can VoIP help you

You may have heard of VoIP(Voice over IP) services and about the high rate of large businesses switching over to this way of communicating. It is a telephone that does not use traditional phone lines, instead using a simple internet connection. As a small company you might question if the investment is worth it. Here’s why I think that it is.

  • You’ll start saving immediately because the call charges are much lower. The only hardware you require is the VoIP phone, alphaTALK phone systemsmeaning that you will recoup your investment in no time.
  • A VoIP phone comes packed with features and the opportunity to streamline your communication both internally and externally. Add hold music, call recording, voicemail to email, conference calling and many more features with no hassle.
  • At a small business or even a one person company you can make it seem like you are a much larger organisation with the use of dial paths, you can have ring groups and forward calls around the office. This can lead to a more efficient way of dealing with customers.
  • They are easy and simple to install. Here at alphaTALK we have them setup for you so that you can just plug in the phones and then you’ll be able to use them immediately.
  • You are completely future proof with VoIP as it is easy to add new phones as your business expands, not only in one office but also in multiple locations and even multiple countries.

Head over to our home page to check out more information about the technology we offer and how it can help your small business. We are here to help even if you are small.

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