Get More Traffic in your business with Alphatalk 0808 number

What is 0808 phone number?

0808 is a non-geographic number. It means the caller can call from anywhere and not charged costs. Instead, the business will be charged for the cost. 0800 number is the updated version of the 0800 number. It was created because of the saturation of the increasingly popular 0800 number, and very few people actually know it exists yet. But it is exactly the same as its relative in that it’s a freephone number and thus, an ideal and appealing choice for your potential clients.

What are the benefits of 0808 phone numbers?

There are many benefits of 0808 freephone numbers. Some of which are listed below:
1. They are free to call.
2. They are easy to setup
3. They receive more business calls. As a 0808 number is free to call from all UK phones, including mobiles, the public places a large amount of trust on companies who provide one. We have seen customers receive a boost in sales calls of up to 175%.
4. 0808 numbers are easy to remember. Unlike your personal landline or mobile number, our 0808 numbers are highly memorable.
5. Never change your business phone number again. As 0808 numbers are ‘virtual’ it simply maps on to the landline or mobile number you provide, and this can be changed at any time. If in the future you move premises or simply buy a new phone, all you need to do is provide us with the new number.
6. Business calls are never missed. You could take calls at home, on your mobile or share calls with your colleagues by mapping 0808 number or by implementing call management services. Your business won’t be lost.
7. Advertising: 0808 Numbers are non-geographic. If you want to promote yourself as a national business then it is necessary for you. That’s why businesses are using them. Setup a 0808 Number for your business and increase your sales.

alphaTALK 0808 phone number package:

Bronze: Free
Platinum: Price On Application
Gold: £99.00
Silver: £49.00
S Charge: £9.97 p/month
Free Minutes: 5000
Call Charges: 3p p/minute

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