FreePhone 0808 Numbers

Freephone 0808 Numbers

Freephone 0808 numbers are free to call from both landline telephone and also mobile phones. The caller pays nothing at all to make an enquiry. This is why 0808 numbers and freephone numbers are so popular amongst businesses.

Freephone numbers and 0808 numbers will regularly be seen across different media as part of promotional campaigns, TV, radio, online and print. 0808 numbers will be extensively used throughout each.

Alphatalk offers some valuable features and options with our 0808 number products:

• Platinum (£199), Gold (£99), Silver (£49) and Bronze (Free) options
• £9.97 line rental per month
• 5,000 inclusive free minutes each month
• Additional call charges are just 2p per minute
• Choose to divert calls to landline or mobile
• Measurable call volume statistics
• Available for immediate connection

FreePhone 0808 Numbers

For businesses, featuring a 0808 number could be the finishing touch that any sales campaign needs. If a caller had to pick between a 0808 number that’s free to call and make an enquiry and a number that costs them money to call, you can be certain most would only call the freephone number.

For businesses that wish to compete with larger competitors, an 0808 number can help mask the true size of an organisation. A geographic number limits the reach of a business. Some customers may only wish to deal with somebody very local, and a mobile number can often indicate the business is a sole trader.

0808 numbers from alphaTALK offer great value for money. There aren’t any long-term contracts to be locked into, offering flexibility to introduce 0808 numbers as and when they’re needed. Call statistics and fully itemised bills are provided to assist with trading decisions.

Speak to an alphaTALK team member today on freephone 0800 093 2193. You can even visit our 0808 numbers page to see our range of available freephone numbers ready for connection.

0808 numbers frequently asked questions

What is an 0808 number?

0808 numbers are freephone telephone numbers in the UK. Just like 0800 numbers, they cost nothing to call from landline telephones and mobile phones.

Who pays for a call to an 0808 number?

The 0808 number holder – that is, the business that is utilising the 0808 number – pays for the call. The personal that dials an 0808 number pays nothing at all.

Are 0808 numbers free to call from mobile phones?

0808 numbers are free to call from mobile phones. 0808 numbers are also free to call from fixed line telephones.

Are 0808 numbers free to call from outside of the UK?

0808 numbers are not free to call from outside of the UK. 0808 numbers are intended for use only within the UK.

How can my business benefit from 0808 numbers?

Businesses can benefit from freephone 0808 numbers in different ways.

0808 numbers are free for callers to use, so they are regularly used by businesses to encourage potential customers to make enquiries.

0808 numbers are also useful for disguising how large or small a business truly is. A sole trader that wishes to appear larger to compete with rivals can use an 0808 number for an added touch of professionalism.

alphaTALK will provide itemised bills with call statistics – these can be used to measure campaign effectiveness.

0808 numbers can be diverted to landline telephone and mobile phones – never miss a sales call again when you’re out of the office. They’re portable, so simply take the number with you if the business relocates and avoid expensive re-printing costs for advertising material.

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