Most effective phone systems for your business

In the modern world having a business without a phone system is simply impossible. Communication is key in every single sector of business. So, what is the best type of phone system for your business.


Sole trader


As a sole trader you have to be alwayalphaTALK phone systemss reachable, this may mean operating your whole business on a mobile device even if you have a home office. You might want to give a more professional look and have a local number as your business number. You could use a virtual number placed on top of your mobile that when someone dials it you receive. This is a great way to maintain an image to the public with minimal cost. If you prefer to have a desk phone there is also a solution for you. A VoIP phone could help you improve your communications even if you are out of the office. Here at alphaTALK we set up systems that suit your needs. You can have both your office phone and mobile ring at the same time, have your office phone ring and then divert to your mobile if not answered or leave an out of office message. 


Small Business that receives a lot of inbound calls


A small business that receives a lot of calls has a wide array of options to explore. Take an example of an office with 4 desk phones, these can be set to all ring at the same time when a call is inbound. This is a simple but effective solution because the call will nearly always be answered by someone A different way of doing it could be to set up a dial plan where the customer inputs which department they would like to be directed to. This gives the impression that the company is much larger than it actually is. It is also helpful as it will land the call in the right persons lap. However, this can cause issues if one person receives a lot of calls at the same time they can form a long queue. 


Small Business that make a lot of outbound calls 


Small businesses that make a lot of outbound calls should focus on the quality of the calls. A VoIP phone is a great way to do this as the increased range of frequencies means the calls sound better. We have a wide range of VoIP handsets that offer superior quality to traditional phones. If the business is successful and more employees are hired, VoIP infrastructure means adding additional phones is no hassle. The phone comes setup and you just have to plug it in. 


Medium Enterprise


A medium sized enterprise needs to have flexibility and a good intVoIP solutionernal communication system. Whilst you may have just one office or multiple different locations, internal communication is vital to your success. With our VoIP solutions increasing or decreasing the amount of phone lines is as simple as unplugging a phone. Companies this size will usually record phone calls, for future reference and training, with a VoIP phone this comes as standard. VoIP phones can also make internal calls on the same network for free. 

Before you install a VoIP phone system think about what you are going to require for your business. Here at alphaTALK we will walk you through every detail meaning you have the best solution for your office. Get in contact today to get a free quote.

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