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What are the 0800 phone numbers?

0800 phone numbers are the virtual phone numbers in the UK that are free to call. Do you want more calls for your business? Your potential customers can call you without any cost! If your business relies on telephone inquiries, it is very important to have an easily recognised and memorable phone number. 0800 phone number is also called a free phone number which is easily memorable and one of the most recognisable types of a phone number in the UK.

Categories of 0800 phone numbers:
i) Standard 0800
ii) Silver 0800
iii) Gold 0800
iv) Platinum 0800

The FAQ(Frequently Asked Questions) about 0800 Numbers:

What is a 0800 phone number?

0800 phone number is free to call number from both UK mobile phones and also UK landline or fixed line telephones. (Also known as toll-free around the world.)

What else do I get with an alphaTALK 0800 number?

We’ve included some of our most popular features with our 0800 number packages:

• IVR (departments, “Press 1 for sales” etc.)
• Call Whisper
• Divert to many
• Timed diverts
• Call traffic data


Interactive voice response (IVR) is an automated telecommunication that allows the creation of menus for when a caller is connected. IVR can help callers quickly to get the right department that can help to answer their questions. IVR is also a benefit for the smaller businesses that wish to seem larger than they really are. The caller would not know that calls to the sales or customer care department are actually handled by the same team!

Divert to many:

While most alphaTALK customers only have their 0800 numbers diverted to a single phone number, some wish to have their 0800 numbers diverted to multiple phone numbers at specific time. For example to a group of people to ensure each and every call has answered.

Call Traffic Data:

Our 0800 numbers are provided with call data in every month. These data can serve important information about the effectiveness of campaigns. For example it can provide info across regional newspapers. If a specific edition is not working for you, you have also the opportunity to adjust the advertising better. Even you can renegotiate better pricing with the publication!

Are 0800 numbers free to call from a UK mobile phone?

From July 2015, we can call to 0800 numbers free from both UK mobiles and also from UK landline or fixed-line telephones.

How do 0800 phone numbers work? What is involved?

0800 numbers are virtual telephone numbers and it is known worldwide. They are not physically isolated to any one phone line and instead sit on top of another telephone number. Any calls that are made to the 0800 phone numbers are automatically diverted to the destination number, which can be to a landline telephone, a mobile phone, or even a number outside the UK or on the other country of the world.

Who does actually pay for the call to a 0800 number?

The business that utilizes the 0800 number (the number holder) pays for each connecting call – they pay on the caller’s behalf in other words.
Costs to the business can vary depending on the operator.
Here at alphaTALK, we’ve created a value for money package based on client feedback. Monthly line rental is just £9.97 per month, with 5,000 inclusive minutes for diversion to a landline (01, 02) telephone number of your choice. Any calls beyond the 5,000 inclusive minutes are charged at just 2p per minute.

Call Whisper:

It is a similar concept to Caller ID. It allows us identifying which 0800 number was dialed. An example of this in action would be a marketing campaign across multiple magazines with unique offers, allowing the person that answers the call to better prepare for the type of enquiry they are likely to receive. Before connecting the caller, a short message is delivered to the caller who answers the call. This message can be customised; popular examples include “Sales”, “Customer Services”, “Yellow Pages”, “Google AdWords” and so on. It is also useful when paired with IVR (above), specially if a department or team is responsible for controlling calls from many areas.

Timed Diverts:

well as diverting a 0800 number to multiple phone numbers, it is also possible to divert our alphaTALK 0800 numbers based on time, or rules.
It is useful diverting to one number for a fixed period of time, and if rejected or not answered, divert the call to another number as a back-up to ensure better guarantee for answering. Another possibility is to divert calls from your 0800 number based on the time of day, or day of the week. Outside of Monday to Friday, 9 am to 5 pm, you may wish to divert calls from your 0800 number to an out of hours service, with calls automatically returning to their default office destination on Monday at 9 am.

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