Web Portal


A portal is a unique website that often serves as the single point of access for information where data and settings can be controlled from. Essentially, a control centre. Depending on the quality of the portal, a portal can be a very efficient tool for any business if utilised correctly.


Tracking – For businesses that have an unawareness towards the amount of activity within the business, portals give users an opportunity to access several statistics and data files making it easy for tracking individuals. As for business owners, tracking data provides the user with a clear indication of which employees are being the most productive.

Control – Portals enable users to gain control. The ability to personalise allows the individual users to modify the portal for themselves. The ability to customise allows admin users to filter and edit information to target certain user groups. Having control is important because makes the portal personal and specific to the user themselves.

Simplicity – The way a portal can provide growth is in two ways. Firstly, growing the business. The portal can potentially help a business expand as they provide a platform for presenting a business. The second part is the portal itself. Portals can be edited meaning features and other areas can be improved upon by being updated.

Convenience – Portal can provide a high level of convenience . This is because a web portal can be accessed and logged into from almost anywhere at anytime providing there is an internet connection available.

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