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Virtual phone numbers

Alphatalk Virtual Phone Numbers

International virtual phone numbers are popular with customer currently residing in UK, giving their family members and friends a virtual phone number so that they can contact them. The most of our clients are using virtual numbers with call tracking to grow and sustain their businesses.

alphaTALK’s have available stock of Virtual UK City Numbers (such as 0121, 0113 or 0161), Local numbers (0330 numbers, 0300 numbers) and National numbers (0845 numbers, 0844 numbers, 0870 numbers, 0871 numbers, 0345 numbers and 0370 numbers).

The virtual phone numbers call forwarding is a telephone number that forwards incoming calls to one of the pre-set telephone numbers chosen by the user. For example, a company located in UK can have a virtual local phone number or virtual mobile number in US.

What is a Virtual Number?

The virtual phone numbers can work like a gateway between traditional calls (PSTN) and VOIP. Alphatalk virtual number, also known as DID or access number, is a telephone number without a directly associated telephone line. Generally, these numbers are programmed to forward inbound calls to one of the pre-set telephone numbers. It chosen by the client; either Fixed, Mobile or VOIP.
A virtual phone numbers may use business existing phones, without the need to purchase additional hardware. The user can easily set the Virtual Phone Number to forward calls to different telephone numbers depending on his or her preference.
For example, on work days incoming calls can be set to be promoted to one’s workplace, but on weekends to one’s mobile phone. You can create the impression that your business has offices all around the world by activating a series of easy-to-use virtual numbers through

The features of alphaTALK’s virtual phone numbers:

Local Numbers, 0330 number, 0300 number

Local Numbers for UK

1. Voice mail to email option
2. Save unused plan minutes
3. Select your own virtual number from the list
4. Dial up to 10 phone numbers in any country simultaneously
5. Time of Day Routing – redirect calls based on time of day
6. Simultaneous Call Processing with no busy signals
7. Automatically record calls to your specs
8. Faxes are routinely emailed to you
9. Record a custom greeting
10. No fees for busy or unfinished calls
11. Use Virtual Number to forward mobile phone calls to another country
12. Forwarding your calls from your present phone line
13. Control the ring tone your callers will hear more tones included
14. Optionally select Original Caller’s ID or the new Virtual Number ID
15. Transfer the call to another person or extension even if located in another country

The Benefit from a Mobile Virtual Phone Number

The user who works on the go can benefit from a virtual phone number, those who may benefit the most are those who regularly work from different locations. The location may be their homes, main offices, branch offices, client job sites, and temporary office spaces.

alphaTALK’s Virtual Phone Numbers is also a good choice for mobile workers who travel overseas frequently. For example, when traveling another country, there’s no guarantee that your mobile phone will work. If it does work, international roaming fees will make using the phone cost high-priced. To use a virtual phone number, you could purchase a cheap reusable phone inside the destination country and then use the international call forwarding feature of your virtual phone number.

A virtual phone numbers can to increase your sales

International call forwarding using a virtual phone number is a first-rate strategy for any company that requirements to do business in a country outside of their own local/City/National area.

No hesitation you probably have a web presence for your product or service. Customer may depend heavily on that web site which has a ‘contact’ link and a local phone number for potential new customers.

Your contact form and a local or city phone number on your web site may be the only system a potential customer can use to reach you or your sales center.

Connect A virtual phone numbers in your city choice

It’s important to you to provide a London City phone number to your callers. Just as an example, you can order a local number in many different area codes in the State of New York as with many other U.K. cities.

Alphatalk City Number

City Number Categories

If you chose a London City number with a (113) area code, many London citizen, not all, could dial your 113 number and not have to pay any extra long distance fees to their local phone company to reach your virtual number.

Alphatalk local virtual numbers will permit a caller within the same city/local or area code of your chosen local number to connect to your local number without any cost to the caller within that same area code. Most of times it’s depending on the rate plan your caller has with their local phone company, the call to your purchased virtual number may be totally free to them.

Speak to an Alphatalk team member today on freephone 0800 093 2193 or by visiting our Virtual national numbers or Local numbers or City numbers page to see our range of available freephone numbers ready for connection.






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