Hosted PBX


What is a Hosted PBX?

A Hosted PBX, also known as a ‘Virtual PBX’ or ‘Cloud PBX’ is delivered as a hosted service. The system makes both internal and external telephone functions available.

Why Choose a Hosted PBX?

There are several advantages that you will experience. Including the elimination of installation, operation and maintenance costs of a regular PBX as we host your PBX for you.



alphatalk hosted pbx

With Alphatalk hosted PBX system, it is possible to have a single telephone number for the entire firm even if it has many branches spread over different geographical locations. On the other hand, even if you have no company premises for your small business, you can still receive the same features of a conglomerate phone system through a virtual IP phone system.


Outbound Minutes: Mobile

Outbound Minutes: Landline

Call Recording 

Online Portal 

Advanced Features (see below)

HostedPBX Pack BUndle

£9.99 /month






HostedPBX Pack non bundle

£ 4.99/MONTH

3 p/m

1 p/m





Safely download, manage and store all of your important call recording files in one place. Upload music files for when putting calls on hold.
Keep all of your missed call messages safe in your mailbox. Engage in a group call with up to 6 people.
Divert calls to different external destinations with ease when using our call forwarding system. We have made it very simple and user friendly. View call data and statistics in depth. Keep updated with all your call activity
Access your PBX on the go through your mobile application. Set up and manage a virtual receptionist for covering missed calls.
Upload a voice message to market products while the call is on hold. Put calls in a queue and get them answered by next available operator.

A screenshot of our Virtual PBX Portal

Virtual pbx portal

Call us to discuss your needs with one of our Telecom Experts.

Our hosted PBX phone systems can enable the smooth operation of businesses by providing reliable communication services.

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