London 0207 Numbers

London Numbers

London is an expensive city to operate in – alphaTALK’s London 0207 telephone numbers give businesses the flexibility of appearing to be in London without the costs.

Professional services, such as solicitors and creative agencies would be good examples of businesses that would be willing to travel to London to conduct business, but find the costs prohibitive to be permanently based there. A London 0207 number would aid with gaining more London-based clients.

Any callers would simply pay for the call as they would any other UK geographic number, or alternatively it would be deducted from their bundled (often free) call allowance as is common with most mobile phones and fixed line packages.

Alphatalk provides a selection of features and benefits with our London 0207 numbers:

• Platinum (£199), Gold (£99), Silver (£49) and Bronze (Free) options
• £7.97 line rental per month
• 5,000 inclusive free minutes each month
• Additional call charges are just 2p per minute
• Choose to divert calls to landline or mobile
• Measurable call volume statistics
• Available for immediate connection

Here at Alphatalk, our London 0207 number products are competitively priced. We won’t tie you into lengthy contracts, so city numbers can be utilised when you need them.

Speak to an Alphatalk team member today on freephone 0800 093 2193 or by visiting our London 0207 numbers page to see available stock, ready for connection today.

London 0207 numbers frequently asked questions


What is a London 0207 number?

Alphatalk’s London 0207 numbers are virtual numbers that can be diverted to either a landline telephone or mobile phone. Callers will be given the impression that they are dialling into a London-based business.

How much does it cost to call a London 0207 number?

Calling a London 0207 number costs just the same as any other UK geographic number, such as 0121, 0161 or 0113. Most mobile phones and fixed line telephones now come with inclusive minutes, so calling an 0207 number will have no additional cost.

Do you have London 0207 numbers in stock and available to buy?

Yes. We are one of only a few providers that still has London 0207 numbers in stock and available for immediate connection.

How can my business use London 0207 numbers?

London 0207 numbers can be utilised by businesses in a number of ways.

A London 0207 number will allow a business to appear to be based in London, whilst in reality, they may actually be based elsewhere in the UK (or the world).

Customers that would prefer to deal with a local London business will have no hesitation calling a number that’s the same as theirs.

alphaTALK’s London 0207 numbers can be diverted to both landline telephone numbers and also mobile phone numbers. Our London 0207 numbers are also portable, so should you ever move businesses premises, simply divert your London 0207 number to a new telephone number and avoid expensive re-print costs for marketing materials like brochures.

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