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Local Area Numbers, 01 Numbers and 02 Numbers 02 Numbers, 01 Numbers and Local Area Numbers for just £7.97 per month

How do I buy 01 or 02 local area phone numbers?

Simply click on one of the two links below to buy 01 or 02 local area phone numbers online. Alternatively, contact a member of the alphaTALK team on freephone 0800 093 2193. Connecting 01 or 02 local area phone numbers to a UK landline will cost just £7.97 (Plus VAT) per month. With some of our more attractive or memorable 01 and 02 numbers, a connection fee may be charged. Each of our local numbers packages receive 500 inclusive minutes per month as standard. Any incoming calls to you are first deducted from this inclusive call allowance with any calls afterwards charged at 2p per minute. This is one of our most popular products, especially with some of our customers that operate more mobile businesses, such as plumbers and electricians.
Our 01 and 02 local area phone numbers can also be directed to a mobile number for the same £7.97 (Plus VAT) per month. Again, some of the more popular and memorable number ranges will incur a one-off connection fee. 01 or 02 local area phone numbers that are connected to a mobile do not receive any inclusive call minutes and incoming calls are charged at 8p per minute. Local Area Numbers, 02 Numbers and 01 Numbers FAQ What options are available when I buy 01 or 02 local area phone numbers? We at alphaTALK have standard and more memorable 01 or 02 local area phone numbers available to buy. We can supply local area numbers for any part of the UK, including the most popular cities and locations:
  • London numbers 0207, 0208 and 0203 numbers
  • Birmingham numbers 0121 numbers
  • Manchester numbers 0161 numbers
  • Liverpool numbers 0151 numbers
  • Sheffield numbers 0114 numbers
  • Newcastle numbers 0191 numbers
  • Glasgow numbers 0141 numbers
  • Edinburgh numbers 0131 numbers
  • Oxford numbers 01865 numbers
  • Leicester numbers 0116 numbers
  • Nottingham numbers 0115 numbers
  • Leeds numbers 0113 numbers
  • Bristol numbers 0117 numbers
  • Cardiff numbers 029 numbers
  • Swansea numbers 01792 numbers
  • Portsmouth numbers 0239 numbers
  • Southampton numbers 0238 numbers
  • Brighton numbers 01237 numbers
  • Milton Keynes numbers 01908 numbers
  • York numbers 01904 numbers
  • Bournemouth numbers 01202 numbers
  • Cambridge numbers 01223 numbers
Each local area phone number comes with access to useful call data, featuring statistics like call frequency, duration, location and more. This type of information is particularly handy when reviewing marketing performance or when advertising contracts are due for renewal. Any of our standard additional services can now be added to 01 or 02 local area phone numbers for free. These services include call recording, auto-attendant, time-of-day routing and divert to many. Our popular fax to email and voice to email services can also be included, free of charge. How can 01 numbers, 02 numbers or local area phone numbers be of use to my business?
  • Give the impression you’re in any UK region
  • Your customers think they are calling a geographical number
  • A large selection of memorable numbers available
  • Callers can use inclusive free minutes to call
  • Move office and keep your number
  • No need to ever re-print your stationery
  • Call data is available for marketing purposes
  • alphaTALK numbers give you unlimited free support
  • No minimum contract period
  • All the same features as our 08 number products
What are 01 numbers, 02 numbers and local area numbers? When people refer to 01 or 02 numbers, they will be referring to local area phone numbers and the two may be used interchangeably. The term “geographic number” has also been used to describe these types of number. Local area phone numbers are the same as the number you will more than likely have associated with your home landline and differs depending on the location you are in, for example 0207 is designated for London, 0161 for Manchester, 0121 for Birmingham, and so on. Whilst some businesses may want to hide their physical location, some actually want to promote that they operate in a particular region. Good examples of this are the many trades people we have as customers, such as plumbers, electricians and builders. They may operate in a wide area, but their clients may prefer to only deal with somebody that is local for speed and convenience. Our 01 and 02 local area phone numbers can help with this, particularly when advertising in regional directories such as the Yellow Pages for example. Calling these local area phone numbers are also beneficial to your customers because they are treated just like regular 01 or 02 local numbers. If your callers have inclusive minutes with their landlines or mobiles, the call will also effectively be free.

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