0870 numbers is ready to connect your land line, mobile or VoIP phone

0870 numbers

Alphatalk 0870 numbers

 0870 numbers is ready to connect your any land line, mobile or VoIP phone anywhere in the world. When anyone calls your number, their call will automatically be forwarded to wherever you specify at no added cost to the caller. It’s a completely seamless service with no changes needed to your present telecommunications set up.

0870 numbers will give your company a national profile. 0870 numbers are portable numbers. You will not have to change your published number again.

alphaTALK.com include 0870 numbers within free allowance however these are few and far between. Generally Mobile phone companies have always charged significantly more for calling 0870 numbers. Business these revenue share numbers from a UK mobile can cost you everything from 41 pence per minute upwards to a maximum cost of £5 per minute.

To use 0870 numbers means callers pay the usual National rate for their call. Call charges are enough to discourage time wasters, calls cost your business nothing and you can get a revenue share back on all calls made.

Customers to your 0870 number pay the BT published national rate, you will receive the calls at no charge. 0870 number will be transmitted to your new landline number. Your current telephone services will remain unaffected. To your existing customers, nothing has changed.

If you call a 0870 number from a BT phone, assuming you are NOT on the anytime plan, you will be charged 7.60p per minute. 0870 numbers are widely recognized by consumers.

0870 numbers are similar the black sheep of phone numbers. 0870 numbers are often supposed as being one of the most expensive non-geographic phone numbers to call. For bigger users, it is now possible to earn the income via rebate on incoming calls using 0870 numbers.

National Numbers 0870

Alphatalk National Numbers

alphaTALK.com also  includes national numbers: 0845 numbers, 0844 numbers, 0870 numbers, 0871 numbers, 0345 numbers and 0370 numbers.

Recent changes to the way that 0845 numbers are charged means that callers can now dial them with confidence, knowing in advance what the call will cost. Your callers will pay 5p per minute plus their phone company’s access charge to dial an 0870 numbers provided by AlphaTALK.

alphaTALK.com offer national numbers service features:

  1. £4.97-line rental per month
  2. 5,000 inclusive free minutes each month
  3. Real time diversion via our website
  4. Additional call charges are just 2p per minute
  5. Choose to divert calls to landline or mobile
  6. Time of day routing
  7. Measurable call volume statistics
  8. Network level call recording
  9. Automatic different number redirection
  10. Hosted call queues and Interactive Voice Response
  11. Available for immediate connection

To apply for your 0870 number now -Speak to an Alphatalk team member today on freephone 0800 093 2193 or by visiting our national numbers page.

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